Pairing issues (RESOLVED)

Hi Guys,

Edit: I’ve reflashed the SD card and it’s working perfectly. Well there seems to be a lag between the command and action but I can live with that. My feelings were it was the rouge “0” in the Port field just under the drop-down for the choice of sticks. So all good for the moment. Thanks all for your support this far👍

If you’ve been following my plea’s for help, really sorry but here is another one that I hope I can find someone who might help me.:open_mouth:

My Conbee dongle would pair with my Osram Smart+ light and my IKEA outlet mains socket and work.

However, pairing wasn’t or isn’t easy ( maybe I’m doing it all wrong like starting a search for a device, THEN turning on the device instead of the other way around) and once paired it would only allow me to turn each of them on/off just a couple of times, then it wouldn’t work at all. So another reset and pairing was needed. And the same thing happened again and again.

So, I contacted Conbee to see if there was a way to check the dongle. They asked me to install Photscon, their software for the Conbee dongle to prove the dongle was working as it should .

As I had another Pi I did that and both my bulb and socket worked smoothly. I “played about” with them for a while, including altering the bulb brightness and colour. They both performed without fault. ( Not too keen on their UI though)

So this means the dongle was/is working as it should.

So my question is, has anyone come across this issue before where WT doesn’t “properly” pair with devices. Indeed has anyone got an idiots guide on how to pair/install IKEA devices.

I’m only asking before I start another full installation which I’d rather not do as my Zwave part of WT is working fine, so far.

Also, once I get my system up and running is there a way to make a back up of the SD card.

Plus, here is part of an email the Tech guys sent me from the Conbee labs.

"To be honest, I´ve never worked with WebThings until now. But we will do it in our Test-Setup in the next couple of weeks, along with other HA Systems like Home Assistant, io-Broker etc.

Thanks all