Containers versus new tabs and Pocket

With assigned to my Personal container, I can no longer save to Pocket from about:newtab (new tabs).

If I’m not mistaken, this problem began with a recent update to Firefox.

After signing in to Pocket, about:newtab remains non-contained; and Switch Container can not contain the tab.

Please file a bug for this.

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Thanks, I will do.

I discovered that I can no longer add to Pocket even when the new tab is in the Personal container.

Please, are you certain that Bugzilla is appropriate?


Bugs in the container functionality are being handled on GitHub. …

Possible overlap with:

It depends on what’s causing the bug. I linked to the New Tab Page component on Bugzilla because it’s possible that the problem you’re experiencing has to do with interactions between containers and about: pages. If that’s not the right place, you’ll be directed somewhere else.

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Thanks. This makes sense.