Council Elections - Chat instead of Video Town Hall?

Hi everyone

We’re currently planning the timeline for the next Council Elections. In the past two Elections we’ve held Town Halls through video for Reps to ask questions to candidates. Timezones make this quite hard to do efficiently. Therefore we are thinking about an experiment with the following for the next elections:

  • Dedicate one day to Q&A
  • Host it on Matrix in the Reps room
  • Reps can ask anything they want to know at any time of the day
  • Candidates can answer these questions either directly when posted, or later in the day, depending on their availability (Matrix makes quote replies easy)
  • Questions can also be answered a day later if a candidate is busy on that day - but only up to when the voting starts
  • We automatically have a written and therefore searchable transcript
  • Before voting Reps can skim or read through the answers and don’t need to watch 2 hours of video to get an answer exactly as it was said

Do you like this idea? Do you have any suggestions for improvement?



I thinks is a good idea because the questions can be done at any moment.

Hello Michael,

I think it’s a great idea, mostly for the chance to ask at any time!

Best regards,
QA Mozilla Hispano Team Responsible

Libre de virus.

You find it right, this is great for a change,


So basically is an AMA in Matrix instead in the forum.
It is fine for me :slight_smile:

If this replaces the answers on Discourse is another topic. For now it would replace the video Town Halls.