Council Meeting 2018-11-20

Hello hello Reps,
here is a summary of our last Council Meeting.

  • We discussed about the progress of the OKRs of the Q4.
    (If someone of you miss some informations about this OKRs, you can follow this Topic );
  • We discussed about the inactivity of Reps and Reps Mentors to try to identify why this happen;
  • We are thinking about new internal strategies inside the council to increase the participation of all the council members when is needed an action of all the council to reach the goals of the OKRs;
  • We have discussed about the Onboarding process generally to identify how we can attract people that wants to be involved as mobilizers and not only as representative of Mozilla;
  • We are continuing to work to align the reps that are not in the NDA group;

Proudly on behalf of the Reps Council,