Create subcategories for working groups

To help us organize discussions here similar to how this group works, can we create a subcategory for each working group?

Here are the working groups that would make good subcategories

  • Pathways
  • Systems and Data
  • Education and Culture
  • Recognition
  • Research
  • Events
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Hey, maybe you could request these over at just to get us going on the new procedure for discourse categories?
Will be autoapproved once you request, since this is for CBT.

Bugzilla just gives a better paper trail and allows us to assign this.

Could we possibly wait a bit while the working groups figure out if and how they want to use Discourse?

Sure, just give this thread a bump when you’re ready.

We’ll need at least one for Pathways, since we plan to post daily work discussions here :slight_smile:

Yes, the group decision today was that the members of Pathways want to discuss here and then loop summaries back to the CBT list. I was holding off starting the first discussion till we have a subcategory :slight_smile:


@lshapiro do you want to make the request?

It is done.

(testing to see what happens if I send this as email…)

so, heres my question. If I post a thread about Pathways in the main Community Building forum, and then we get our sub-group, can we move it later?

Yes, the whole point of Discourse is been able to grow organically and create categories and subcategories on the go when they are needed.

Does Discourse also give you the ability to move a topic from a category to a subcategory? In @lshapiro’s example, she originally posts in the Community Building category and then later wants to move it to the Pathways subcategory. Is that possible?

Yep, the OP can edit the first post and change the category it’s in.

And the thread creator should be also able to move it, right?

Yup, edit it as normal

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all fixed thank you. our subcategory is up and running!