Customize problems TB 78.1.1

  1. Bug: I can’t remove Calendar and Tasks from the toolbar. I need the space.
  2. Bug: I customize my toolbar with two addon icons: Maximize Message Pane, Toggle Message Pane. They don’t stick. Next time I open TB the icons are gone.
  3. Annoyance: Addons and settings that help compact screen real estate keep disappearing.
  1. Try this tip. Remove the Calendar and Task icons from the tab bar

There is a bug report requesting a way to remove them. I’m not sure why they are also in the Customize palette.

  1. Maximize Message Pane 2.0.7 and Toggle Message Pane 1.2?

There are support email links at both extensions pages.

  1. The code added to chrome\userChrome.css had no effect. Restart and icons are gone.

  2. Message sent to support email, but I actually have three addon icons that won’t “stick”. The basic set of icons in the customize list stay on any toolbar next time I run TB.
    Either TB 78.1.1 is deleting addon icons or my setup is causing the problem.

Sorry, I misunderstood and though you wanted the icons removed, which it appears the userChrome.css accomplished.

Since they are in the tab bar that won’t give you any extra space.

So sorry - I got my bugs mixed up. Using UserChrome.css did not remove Calandar and Task buttons in the Tab bar. (On a 10" screen every pixel saved is worth it.)
I’ve been informed via one addon that the problem with addon buttons not sticking is a bug in v78. I hope someone has reported it to the proper people.

I found the solution: in addition to adding the userChrome.css file in the chrome folder, you have to make changes to Config.

  1. Under Options/General (at the bottom) double-click Config Editor and check the warrning to proceed.
    Find: toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets
    Double-click to set Value to TRUE.
    Close the window and restart TB.

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