Deprecation of Reps Planet?

Hi Reps

With the move from the Reps Portal to the Community Portal, we’ve broken the Mozilla Reps Planet. From Juli 2019 to Juli 2020 we had 18 posts on the Planet. 10 of these were from the official Reps blog. As fixing this would require major effort such as having another data source for the blog feed URL, I’m instead proposing the following:

  • Anyone who has a blog and posts about Mozilla can add themselves to the Mozilla Planet, a guide for that is on the Wiki
  • We remove the Reps Planet completely

Some initial discussion already happen in the tracking GitHub issue. If there are no major objections to this plan until October 20th, I’m gonna go ahead with the removal of the planet, including the SOP for it.

Looking forward to your thoughts!

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Makes me a bit sad, but I guess it’s time for that. I think we’ll need to find ways for sharing activity of the community outside of MoCo staff in some form (not just isolated to Reps), the common Mozilla Planet is one way but I fear also one that isn’t that widely popular.
I think we’ll need something that highlights things from that community in some form, even more so now that the weekly project call seems to be going away - and to be fair, things from the community haven’t made that call recently anyhow, it was seemingly just MoCo stuff there.
It could also be that we need to think about what media really is helpful for which target audience. There may also be multiple options for different audiences - e.g. I have been thinking about some kind of podcast maybe on what is going on in the community as one option (but while I’d love to work on that, I’m a complete noob in that area).

All that said, it’s probably right to not have our own segregated Reps Planet any more - let’s get our information into the wider community, for Reps-specific info we have Discourse here anyhow.

The Reps Planet will be removed sometime in the future. I’ve marked as deprecated linking to Please use that guide to transfer your blog feed to the general Mozilla Planet.

Thanks for the feedback!


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Hi @mkohler, I understand that the old planet the texts could initially be written in several languages, in the end it was only English, in this new planet so to speak, the inclusion of more languages is reactivated or it will only be in English.



While there might have been posts in other languages, that was the official rules since 2011.

For the Mozilla Planet I do not see any explicit mention of English-only, but given the even broader audience I’d say English is the way to go there as well.