Dev Community Project Meeting, May 25th 2017

(Jeremie Patonnier) #1

Hello everybody,

Here are the minutes of the Developer Community project meeting that was run on May 25th 2017.

Reminder: This meeting is public and has been recorded, everybody is welcome to attend. The schedule time for the next meeting is available on our WikiMo page.


  • The project is now into the solution finding part. It is time to find solution to solve the problem identify during our research. To that end there are two documents to help with that: An open etherpad to brainstorm practical solution, A draft google doc that provide a full narrative for our pilot plan (which include at least one of the solution that came out the etherpad). We are in the early stage, feel free to comment and circulate those documents around you.

Next steps

  • Continue discussion and brainstorming around solutions. Everybody is welcome to share their opinions :slight_smile:
  • Arielle suggested to involve Larissa Shapiro to discuss the broader social/community part of the solution we are designing. Same with Danielle Vincent and Flacki as they are managing our social interaction with developers.


  • None

I’m available to answer any questions you could have about that meeting, and the project :slight_smile: