Disable the new JSON Object Summary

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Not sure when this changed but noticed that a recent update changed how the JSON Response Payload is shown.

The old way can be seen in this Firefox Documentation https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Tools/Network_Monitor/request_details#Response

Now see the attached;

As you can see, the Object is summarized and shown on the same line as the Object’s parent. This looks very messy when viewing large and/or complicated JSON.

Can someone please help me out to get the old view back?

Sorry if this is already answered. I already did try searching the Net and Firefox forums.

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This landed here as way to see preview of object properties faster. I agree that it can make the output noisier while exploring, especially as it occasionally also has line-breaks.

Would it help if we hide the long preview when a section is opened?


Yes, I think that is the idea.

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Thank you @digitarald & @jscher2000 for your valuable replies.

Since the origin of this says “Its is very convenient to preview JSON before opening it” , I also think the Long Preview should be hidden after opening it.

However, will it be too much if I ask for a Preference where this can be Disabled by those that don’t need it?


However, will it be too much if I ask for a Preference where this can be Disabled by those that don’t need it?

We are cautious with prefs. Just to understand – would the pref control the smaller line when expanded or have small object preview all the time?

Hi @digitarald,

Sorry for not replying earlier. For some reason your last message ended up in my junk. I have whitelisted the email now.

If it was up to me, the pref would control the object preview. Because that is what was introduced. It would be enabled by default since that is what the change asked for.

So something like (just guessing here. You guys will know the best way to set this up) ;

If someone want’s to hide the object preview, they can then set it to “TINY”

If the above is too much work and is not important, then at least it would help if you hide the preview when a section is opened.

If this is selected for development, can you let me know how I can track it so that I will know when it’s available?

Thank you for your time.