Disable uncategorized topics

I think we probably want to do that here. First you have to make sure to categorize all the uncategorized topics, then you can disable this option.



Might we want to add an offtopic category before doing this, for posts which really don’t fit any of the current categories (rather than posts just being posted in uncategorized because users are accepting the defaults)?


Hmm, well that example does have a category. I guess the idea is do we want to house topics that don’t belong anywhere? We do have some places that could be graveyards, or we could remove them.

Just went through some of the off topic threads. I think we need a category that can’t be created in to house these. Graveyard?

I believe we have an archive category, don’t we?

Kensie wrote:

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Yes, set up the Archive category so that people shouldn’t be able to create topics there (though I was still able to as an admin even though I had set it so that admins can’t ether…) could someone who’s not an admin test?

Seems like no one was objecting to this idea, and we have the archive to put irrelevant topics, so I’ve flipped the pref, will document in JIRA. Can always flip it back if there are objections.

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Hi @Kensie

I’m still able to post to the category : Test Topic created

Fixed. We need to set permissions individually for each subcategory. Should be easily scriptable.

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