Experiment authors: feedback wanted

We’ve now had 10 experiments enter Test Pilot, and I’m curious what advice experiment authors might want to share–both things that might fall under ‘best practices’, as well as gotchas or confusing issues you’ve encountered.

I’ll collect highlights from this thread and add them to the Test Pilot docs, maybe as an Experiment Author’s Guide.



The biggest thing I would suggest we require is linting to prevent security issues. I developed one but am currently looking to merge it with an existing one made by Mozilla. Either way it would be good to see this used elsewhere, I’m hoping we can solve react and other framework linting this way also.

To the owners of the Test Pilot pilot it would have been good to join forces with SnoozeTabs as that got a lot of press and could have been merged with containers potentially as people want tab management solutions. Otherwise it would have been good to launch them months apart as they are pretty similar.