Test Pilot dev meeting highlights (5/22)

(Jared Hirsch) #1

Hi all,

We held our second-ever Test Pilot dev meeting yesterday, with developers in attendance from the Test Pilot team and experiment teams. We’re holding this meeting every other Monday, and it’s open to the public; please join us for the next one (June 5th).


  • We’re planning to start a Test Pilot blog (with help from Marketing)
  • Chuck is building a good first bug site to help contributors get involved with Test Pilot
  • Containers experiment release coming this week
    • adds a “site assignment” on-boarding panel to increase site assignments
  • Test Pilot and experiments are moving away from the SDK
    • Looking into replacing Test Pilot addon functionality with a WebExtension API Experiment (learn more)
  • Screenshots (formerly Page Shot): aiming to be preffed on in Firefox 55
    • Startup performance took a hit due to loading WebExtension code; hopefully the WebExtension framework will be performant enough by 55
    • Backup plan: move UI (toolbar button, context menu item) into bootstrap code, lazy-load WebExtension on click. (in progress)

You can read the complete meeting notes on the wiki.