[Featuer Request] Container picker improvements

Some people use containers to manage different online personas. Each persona might come with a set of the same websites, but different identities in each. For ex:

Gmail, github, notion, figma are all websites that i use across 4 different identities/personas.


  • Create a list of urls/domains that will always prompt for a container
  • Improve the container prompt to show all containers.

Open a new tab, type in github.com, and I see the Container Picker prompting me to open this site in some container.

There is currently very similar functionality, if you assign a domain to one container, you will get a picker, but one that is limited to just two options: current and assigned.

Let’s improve this to allow picking any containers. It’s WAY quicker to do this than to open a new tab in a specific container first… that’s not a fast mouse click.