Features Request [Android]

Hi Team,

Please add an option to enable or disable Reader Mode in settings. Improving the Native/Built-in Player is a MUST. Seeking to a certain time frame takes forever due to the fact that Firefox tries to cache the full video first, then plays as far as I am able to understand!! Why? Why? Why? It consumes more data and takes more time compared to Samsung Internet & Edge. You guys need to improve the Native Player as fast as possible. Also try to add some extra controls, take PiP as an example. More add-ons should be made available. Being able to use 3rd party DOWNLOADER is amazing, but an option to select the downloader is way more convenient. Don’t you think? In addition, Why showing links from HISTORY on HOME PAGE when Shortcuts only is selected? Is this a joke?

NOTE - Tried to contact support, didn’t work for unknown reasons. As a result, had to post here.

Hi Rimon,

You can enable/disable Reader Mode in Firefox without going to the Settings menu. Please read this article to get to know this feature more.

Also, I’d like to note that Discourse isn’t a place for seeking help with Mozilla’s products. You may want to go to support.mozilla.org next time. (: