Help Firefox Preview users in your language!


Help us increase the star rating of Firefox Preview by participating in the SUMO Sprint between November 13th to December 2nd!

Back on June 2018, SUMO contributors from all over the world helped us to reply to 2200, 1 and 2 star reviews in a week - in 9 different languages. And we need your help again.

Firefox Preview - the new Android browser - is out in the market and it is gaining more and more users every day. We need your help to reply to those users reviews in playstore. For that we have created a better, more fun tool that enables you to reply to users reviews and moderate replies from your fellow Mozillians.

Are you excited yet? Because we are, and we are looking to our volunteers to show the world once more what an open source community is able to do.

If you’re ready to join us, RSVP here to receive more information about how to participate.

On behalf of the Open Innovation team,

Konstantina and Giulia

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I think there is a problem with the sprint dates between the Discourse message ( November 12th to 24th!) and the campaign registration page (November 13 to December 2).

In addition, I also have the same differences in the emails I received

Thank you in advance for the sprint period


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Thank you Christophe for flagging this. It has been edited!