Feedback for Edited Articles

Hey guys,

I have recently joined MDN and have been doing a few edits and revisions on the MDN web doc site, however i am not sure if the changes i have done for a few of the articles are valid changes. I have read through the MDN writing style guide, however I would just like to double check if what I have contributed is correct. Any feedback received would be grateful, thank you.


All changes are immediately live and visible to the public; typically someone will notice fairly quickly if they’re not acceptable revisions.

You should always feel free to post here with your MDN username and ask for someone to look over your work.

Thank you! I will do that

In the case of your contribution you linked to, it was reverted because while it was well written (at least, it seems to be at a glance), it was more in-depth than is needed for what is basically a disambiguation page. In general we try to keep the glossary entries short, referencing other pages to provide details.

Here is a link to my MDN account

Ah i see thank you for pointing this out, how can i tell if any other articles have been reverted also?

To see if an article has been reverted, you can view its history (click Advanced (the gear icon) > History on the page, or add $history to the URL). In that particular case, you can see that the revision comment by sideshowbarker says “Revert to revision [blah] by [user]” – that is automatically added when a revert happens.

To avoid having to manually monitor all the pages you’ve edited, you can subscribe to them. That way, you’ll get an email whenever someone edits that page. You can unsubscribe later, if you no longer care about that page. (Typically, reverts happen within a few days of the original edit.)