New to MDN and need some help

Hi I’m new to MDN and would like some help with the Mozilla documentation as i am doing it as part of my coursework.

I would like to know what exactly needs to be done to the documentation (whats wrong with it and needs improvements and how do i do that)

hello there and welcome to the wonderful world of mozilla development network, its pretty simple to get started simply go to the Mozilla wiki. You can use the following link:

Hi @Iqbalh11 and @JohnSmith!

The link that JohnSmith shared is a source of what articles need help. How to do an editorial review gives some instructions for how to use that list. However, for “what’s wrong with it and needs improvement”, you’ll have to use your own judgement to figure that out. While we have the ability to flag an article as needing review, we don’t have a mechanism for the person who flagged it to explain why. Often, it’s just “I just wrote this and I want another pair of eyes to look at it.” – There might be nothing wrong with it at all. You can also refer to the writing style guide for “the way we do things”. We try to keep the number of “rules” to a minimum, since MDN is a wiki with many, many contributors.

If you have more questions, I encourage you to ask them on this forum.

Happy editing!

Thank you for your help.