Finding developers to discuss the Developer Community project

(Jeremie Patonnier) #1

Hi Folks :slight_smile:

I parallel of drafting our Strategic Plan
(comment still welcome :wink: we need to identify a set of developers we could
discuss with in order to perform a preliminary check of our assumptions
around this project.

If you know any developers you think would be interested in discussing
about this with us (yes, I’m looking at you DevRel), you can help by taking
one or two of the following actions:

  1. Tell them about this project an let them know they can reach out to
    me if they are interested to discuss about it.
  2. Fill the following form to provide me with their coordinate and why
    we should get in touch with them:

Feel free to circulate that form around you, it is pretty safe as I’m the
only person who can access the data. (Oh and of course if you spot any
spelling or grammar issue in that form, please let me know)

Thanks for your help.


(Lasr21) #2

Hi @Jeremie I just fill the form with some names, is still ok?

(Jeremie Patonnier) #3

Thanks you :slight_smile:
It’s definitely still OK. I’ll start planning some appointment in the next weeks