Firefox add-on - keeps being rejected

Hi team!
We have a problem, and the reviewer does not respond to our comments/messages that we write to him during the reviewing process. For example, in, revisions, 81, and 80 - we ask questions and we don’t get any responses from the reviewer.

The issue is that the code submission guidelines do allow packing multiple .js into one. This is important both for our development process and for code runtime efficiency. The reviewer asked to have the libraries in separate files, and we did that, but then he said that we should have it in source only the separated files, without the combined one. The problem is that if the code structure in source code is different than the production code, then the reviewer cannot see a binary match between source and production. Please advise.

If your source code contains minified or other way “processed” code, you need to supply steps to reproduce, that’s the rule :slight_smile:. Otherwise reviewer can’t verify it’s contents.
(did you know some high-advanced malware used “modified jQuery” library to sneak in malware?)

Why not submit your whole source code and your build script? It should produce the same result on every machine - if you set it up correctly. Some tips - don’t use global libraries, submit also “package-lock.json” file (if using npm), use known bundlers (like webpack, rollup, etc…).

Okay, so you are saying it is okay to give the actual bash build scripts that combines the files into one?

Well, I would say usually the build scripts are in javascript. So I can’t really tell.

Just remember the reviewer is a human being like you (busy with 100 better things to do), so if you make it too complicated, you may have issues.

That’s why it’s best to make the build setup as simple as possible, ideally something like:

npm i
npm run build

(or some something like that but in bash :slight_smile:)