Firefox Fights For you - winners announcement

Hello all,
I am very happy to announce the two winning teams from the Firefox Fights for you competition. As a reminder, there are 2 winning teams, one winning team for the highest quality and one winning team for more popular.

Here are the winners

  • On highest quality the Indonesian community has won. Congrats to: Lidya, Ringgo, Akhlis, Adhan, Nina, Diky, Iffan, Deryan, Rizal, Rara, Yofie
    Two other notable submissions are the Taiwanese and Palestinian submissions.

  • On popularity the submission from Tamil Nadu (India) has won. Congrats to: Mr. Jaya Prakash, Mr. Sudarsan, Mr. Selva Makilan, Ms. Ashly Rose Mathew, Mr. Khaleel Jageer, Mr. Suresh, Ms. Gayathri Devi, Mr. Sharan,Mr. Jai Vishnu, Ms. Keerthana, Ms. Priya Dharshini, Mr. Kamlesh, Mr. Baskaran, Mr.Abisekh, Mr. Rama Chandra, Mr. Karthikeyan, Mr. Mohammed Ammar, Mr. Kunal, Mr. Abu Bakker,Mr. Surentharan and Ms. Bhuvana Meenakshi Koteeswaran
    The teams from Mexico LIDSOL and Bangladesh also reached high engagement in social media (tweet reach and video views).

In this point I would like to thank you all for participating :slight_smile: Amazing work have been submitted and once more you have shown the power of Mozillians.

We are also working on a mash up of all the videos, more information to come next week.

For the winning teams, we will reach out separately for the prizes.

Happy weekend you all


congratulations indonesian and india community !

Well done all participants and congrats to the winners!

Thanks a lot for the recognition. It was the right space to show our talents and contributions too. You can expect my blog soon on the behind story of our video shoot where the motive of shooting the video actually turned out to be an awareness campaign on Firefox at the rural area where we captured the videos.

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Congratulation to Indonesian Community from India. And alot of thumbs up to our Indian Mozilla community in Tamil Nadu from Mozilla Punjab.

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Dear Winners and other Participants,

All the videos are amazing. Great inspiration!

Best regards,

Congratulations all winners!

Have received the T-shirts… Awesome! Thanks again :slight_smile:

In case you didn’t get a chance to see the mash-up video. Here it is!