Firefox Quantum Sprint Campaign is coming!

(Ana Sofia Lopez) #41

Thank you @mkohler!! :blush:

(Muhammed Hasan Ahmed) #42

@mkohler @konstantina Events that are scheduled for after 8th October, will they be supported with Swag and Budget Requests?

(Konstantina Papadea) #43

yes they will, however we can’t have any events after mid November where we have the launch of Firefox 57

(Konstantina Papadea) #44

Here are some best practices about conducting an event. Thanks @irvin and @faisalaziz4ever for the useful tips.

Remember, those are best practices meaning you don’t necessarily have to follow them but they are useful so you can conduct an event.


  1. Ask your attendees to bring their favorite websites in the event. As indicated in the website you can find the most used websites in Alexa. However, a good engagement move is to ask your attendees to have a list with them of their favorite websites. That way we are ensuring that they are testing things they are familiar with and love.
  2. Create a spreadsheet with popular websites. Some hosts reported that working all together in a pre populated spreadsheet with websites is easier for people to test.

During the event

  1. Explain to people why this is important. Talk a little bit about how the new Firefox has improved and the significance of the work attendees are gonna do during your event. Knowing why people are testing websites makes the activity more interesting. One example could be that somebody finds a crucial bug on a local website, but this affects other websites as well, and the Firefox team can fix it in Beta before we release it to millions of users.
  2. Show this interesting video on how to report
  3. Check your issue in another browser. Ask the attendees to check the website in another browser as well before they file an issue. If the website shows the same problem in another browser (Chrome is suggested as we compare against it) then it’s not a web-compatibility issue (basically our engineers can not fix it).
  4. Remind them to report so they can appear on the leaderboard. Reporting can be time consuming however is important in order to know how many websites we’ve tested. Plus, attendees have the chance to be in the leaderboard. Some hosts prefer to gather the websites tested and issues reported in a spreadsheet (see above). If you prefer to do that, don’t forget to send us the spreadsheet so we know about your work.