FVD Speed Dial @mozilla

Hi Mozilla,
just learned that the programmer of FVD Speed Dial have been warned. Nice!

But what about warning all the USER that an add-on will be cancelled soon? Never had the idea that this is embarrassing for those who have dozens or hundreds of links stored? No idea, that they want to have the chance to change to another add-on or solution?

No this was definitely NOT user friendly from mozilla. It was done without any second thought on the situation on user side. That’s a real shame.

And as a hint to all FVD users: The add-on is still working in chrome and opera.

A very upset mozilla user!

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In 2020, we became aware that the developer of the FVD add-on had begun intercepting search queries that were being sent to a third-party search provider, in clear violation of the Mozilla Add-ons Policies. After a repeated violation we again explicitly told them under which circumstances this type of data collection is not acceptable. At the time, the developer disabled the feature, and we continued to host FVD Speed Dial.

Recently we have become aware that the developer has attempted to re-enable the offending functionality, which remains in violation of AMO policy. In light of these repeated offenses, we have blocked this addon.

While we regret the impact that this has had on some of our users, we believe that our commitments to user safety and the importance of user trust in Firefox and its surrounding ecosystem have obligated us to take this action, and we stand by this decision.

  • Andreas Wagner on behalf of the Add-ons team.

(Updated Dec 1, 2021)