FVD speed Dial stopped working and wont open. Please help!

Can anyone help? my carefully curated FVD speed dial /dials have stopped working and wont open. I took so so long adding to it and theres some really important ones I need that i could never remember if i tried. Have they been lost for good? or can they be got back? anyone know whats happened? would really appreciate some advice on this. Thanks in advance


I have the same problem. Just suddenly happened yesterday. Help!

Hello, i too have the same problem and do not have a backupfile in text or html format

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Unfortunately, there is no supported solution for retrieving data from a blocklisted extension. You may find unofficial solutions on non-Mozilla forums such as Reddit.

an option, but dangerius one is to reanable it and make a backup

type about:config in as url
then search extentions.blacklist

then look at the list and make the dial true again.

To get back to normal way with fdv gone do the same but make it false again



Group Speed Dial by Juraj Mäsiar is what I’m using now until FVD can sort out the issue at their end.