gContactSync is disabled in 78.5.0 32 bid version Help

Wondering what the fix is to get gmail contact info into and auto syncing as it was before? It worked great with gContactSync but I notices some email contacts weren’t showing up so I attempted to sync and there wasn’t an option anymore.

Any other add-ons or am I simply out of luck?

Help, Help Help
Thank you.

Take a look here:

Card Book syncs with Google Contacts, and TbSync/Provider for CalDAV & CardDAV also works if you double-click extensions.dav4tbsync.googlesupport to true in Options/General/Indexing/Config. editor.

Thank you for your replies. I can’t complain much given this is a free email program. I don’t remember being asked to update to the Beta version…but I must have. Now the question is how to get thunderbird to not update to a beta version and almost more importantly…get it to stop asking me to update to a new version.

I have found an older exe file I downloaded for Thunderbird and decided to remove the beta version with the issues and reload one that was working just fine. Re-installed the earlier version and reloaded the add-ons and actually paid for an add-on I had already paid for and I am back in business.

Can someone tell me how to get it to update only to non beta versions and secondly, can someone tell me how to make Thunderbird stop asking me to update?

Thanks again very much for the replies!!

Check Help > Troubleshooting Information for the update channel. It should be “Release”.

Sorry, I don’t know how to stop the update prompt other than dismissing it.

Thanks. I did check the channel and it says beta and there is no way to change it.

It is increasable to me that when he “update” we are forced to take the beta version. If you are new to Thunderbird and download it for the first time I don’t see any other option other than downloading and installing the beta version. 78.05 is what is going to be downloaded which to my knowledge is beta.

Oh well…I will just try not to update into a beta version.

Thanks again for trying to help

No one is forced to update to a beta if they are on the Release update channel.

If, you are on the Beta channel you should get the beta updates. The current beta being 84.0b2. Not 78.5.0.

You must have installed a beta at one time and are using the release with its profile.

I suggest creating a test profile using Help > Troubleshooting Information, scroll down to and click “about:profiles”, then click the “Create a New Profile” button and see what Troubleshooting Information shows for the update channel with that profile.

See Dedicated profile per Thunderbird installation