Germany, Sri Lanka, India : A SuMo Sprint Roundup (Day 5 & 6)

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Support Sprint By the Numbers
Number of events registered: 47
Number of user reviews responded to: 1025
Number of replies in moderation: 1386

There is only one more day to help Firefox by supporting users in your language. A last reminder to always look at the suggested responses at when you’re replying and to some time to moderate other people’s responses.

Lots of great events have happened this week and more are coming up this weekend. Check the map to find out what’s happening near you or, here are some of the exciting sprints that inspired us this week!

Here’s what’s been happening in the Sprint:

Berlin Firefox Support Sprint – June 7th , Berlin Community Space

This event brought out a combination of staff and community members to participate in the Sprint. See the photos.

Campus Club Support Sprint – June 7th , Uva Wellassa University Sri Lanka

Mozilla Campus Club - UWU hosted a Support Sprint yesterday as part of their regular club meeting! Read more about the event

Firefox Support Sprint Warangal – June 7th , Warangal

One of the many great sprints in India over the past few days. Mozilla Reps brought community members together in Warangal to participate in the sprint. Read more

We were excited to see #SupportSprint Tweets from first time contributors!

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The other news :
The respond to reviews and moderate responses have all (100%) been treated for the French language