Get the word out about Mozilla's net neutrality petition

Hey North America community! We need your help getting the word about about the net neutrality petition we launched today.

Please take a minute to sign the petition (if you are in the U.S.), and just as importantly, ask your friends and people you know to sign it. Share with your local community, school and work.

More details below, including a social post you can copy/paste :smile:


Subject: Help protect net neutrality
From: Dave Steer

This was mentioned at Monday’s Project Call – but we wanted to send everyone an email, because it’s so important. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will vote on net neutrality on February 26. We want to make sure the Web is not owned by any one industry or corporate empire. It must be protected and shared by all of us.

Just today, U.S. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler proposed strong net neutrality protections to the Federal Communication Commission. This is huge. It means all our hard work – this huge grassroots effort – is paying off. But there are still 21 days until the FCC votes.

A lot can happen in 21 days, because a handful of massive cable companies are spending large sums pushing weak net neutrality rules.

This is why today Mozilla is launching a petition campaign to rally support. We’re asking everyone in the United States to write to their elected officials between now and the FCC vote on February 26th. We’re promoting this across our marketing channels to our U.S. audience – but because this issue has global implications, we could use everyone’s help.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. (U.S. only) Take one minute to sign the petition:

  2. (Everyone) Share this campaign with friends who are in the U.S. and post on your social networks asking folks in the U.S. to sign the petition. Here is a sample social message you can post (copy/paste):

Help keep the Web a level playing field for all. Stand with @Mozilla, protect #NetNeutrality

Thanks for all you do to protect the open Web.

– Dave Steer and Mozilla’s Policy & Advocacy Team

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