Getting added to curated Mozilla collections (password managers)

(Brandon Davis) #1


I just wanted to inquire about the qualifications to get listed under the Mozilla curated collections on the addons homepage. Is this by request or organic discovery by the mozilla team?

I’ve looked through and it seems there’s a huge variety in # of users, rating, and when the extension was last updated.

For example, has just over 100 users, was last updated 10 months ago, has average ratings, has a listing page that was not thoughtfully created (no screenshots), and the license is wrong (software is actually closed source proprietary, not Mozilla v2 as listed).

Three months ago, I launched and hoped it would eventually be discovered and listed in this form. As you can see from the addon page, Tusk outperforms NoPassword on every metric I could think of that might matter.

My actual questions are:

  • Are there documented criteria for being added to these curated collections?
  • Does my addon (Tusk) qualify to be added to the password manager collection, and if so would someone kindly make that change?
  • If it does not qualify, should the password manager collection be re-evaluated? Password managers are particularly sensitive and the addon list for that category may need to be reviewed.

Thank you very much!

(sdevaney) #2

Hi, Brandon. Good questions! As you’re likely aware, AMO went through a front-end redesign late last year. The new, current design allows for more varied editorializing on the homepage.

While we have hard criteria as it relates to content under consideration for AMO’s main Featured Extensions collection, we have a more flexible approach to selecting content for the various themed collections you find on the AMO homepage. In the case of the Password Managers collection, those selections originated from different sources (internal staff, community suggestions, etc) but are ultimately vetted through AMO Editorial. We look to populate these collections with a nice cross-section of functionality and utility. With the Password Managers collection, the aim is to offer a variety of extensions with distinct strengths, so if you’re a user looking for a password manager, you should be able to find something in that collection.

All that said, I’ll be happy to put your extension KeePass Tusk through editorial review to see if it’s a fit for the Password Managers collection. This review may take up to a week or two.

Scott DeVaney, AMO Editorial Manager

(Markus Hartung) #3

Hi Scott,

would you mind reviewing and consider adding it to the list?

Best regards,