Google analytics on

Why do we have google analytics on page?

I guess, this wasn’t present earlier. Why now?

Most mozilla sites use Google Analytics:

there are privacy-friendly alternatives

IIRC, Mozilla has a special contract that prevent data to be used/sold by Google.

My point is, isn’t open source analytical solution like Fathom (as @andreip suggested) etc, enough for analytic purpose, especially for As I mentioned earlier, I think, it wasn’t present their earlier, why does Mozilla suddenly start using analytics for wiki website?

My understanding is that all mozilla sites have always used GA, this is not something new.

I would also feel more comfortable using open source self-hosted solutions, but the reality is that using different systems require additional operations time and support we don’t have right now.

We describe the data we collect here:

Also mozilla sites respect the Do Not Track flag and don’t load the analytics if the user has this flag on.



@nukeador Doesn’t Mozilla has a special agreement with Google that prevent the metrics to be used by Google in any way? I know Mozilla has a contract clause like that with Cloudflare for their DNS over HTTPS service (

My understanding is that we are using the enterprise version of google suite and we have special agreement so Google is not allowed to share the data with anyone or cross-reference it for ads. But I’m not involved in that work to know all the details.

Do you know who I can contact for that (you can DM me if you prefer) or could you forward that concern to the right person/team.

I mean I think it’d be great if that kind of information was in the privacy policy. I know you’re probably legally limited on what you can say on the contract but I’m sure it’d be possible to make the privacy policy more clear than it is currently.


Hi, all - former Wikimo module owner, now peer here. We do have a contract with Google that restricts Mozilla’s data from being aggregated or repurposed outside of our control, and while I don’t think we’ve ever been able to share the text of that contract, it was a point of pride for Mozilla that it was our insistence on this feature is what made it available to anyone else who wanted it.

Having said that, as far as Wikimo specifically is concerned, I don’t think anyone’s looking at that data and I don’t really think there’s much chance that decisions we’d make about Wikimo would be informed by that data even if we did, so we should probably turn that off. I’ll file the bug.


Thank you Mike!

I have been admin for the wiki for a few years and have never had access to any Google stats. If Mike thinks nobody else is using them and it can be discontinued then I agree.


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Bug 1639489 refers.