Guides email not working?

I responded to @buluma_michael’s post on the guides forum by email and it bounced. The guides email address still exists, right?

A couple people have told me that Guides is shutting down, but nobody has ever told me in any “official” manner. The account is still there, and checking the Google Apps logs it was received, so I’m guessing something happened on Discourse’s end. I’ll investigate further, will report back if I find anything out.

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Yeah, I mean it seems like a great idea, I don’t see the need to shut it down, per se. It could almost be self-autonomous with a moderation team checking in now and then and being responsive to flagged posts. In the mean time we should make sure it’s working while it’s up!

I have concluded my investigation. Findings follow.

  1. “Enable replying to topics via email” was disabled.
  2. In order to reply to topics via email, that setting must be enabled.

Actions taken:

  1. Enabled “Enable replying to topics via email”.
  2. Wrote this post
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Seems like Discourse should have a better error message for that, one that says the setting isn’t turned on

Hi Kensie

I agree its a good idea to keep it. I spent a couple of hours in there and was having light bulb moments with each read post. I reached out to @emma_irwin to help on it. May I?

There’s also need to champion participation in there as there are a number of potential contributors who fall off even before they get started. Will engage @vesper for some ideas.

This has been fixed? I’ve been able to reply by email successfully

Settings also changed : To respond, reply to this email or visit

Yes, Tanner changed the setting to allow it.

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Given the traffic of guides, would it be viable to move it mostly to a single category here?

@lucyeoh iirc, this was going to be turned off altogether, right?

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We want to turn it off, but need to do things like document what we learned there as part of the sign-off, because we did learn things. I wonder if we should make this a volunteer task on , because it’s not a priority but it can most definitely move ahead any time. And yes a category here might be a good transition.