Heating valve Control

Hi all
Can anyone please help me. I’m trying to set up my heating where I’d like to control some radiator valves to open/close throughout the week. They do connect to WT and I can see and change temperatures, what I’m not sure about is adding a timer. Does anyone know how I can do this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

It’s the same process with Rules as I described previously. See Adding Times

Hi again Charles , excellent, I should have realised but thanks so much again for your help👍

Hi Charles,
Sorry for the “ask” again…But I am struggling to get WT to operate my valves and was wondering if you might be kind enough to check my rules which I am sure are ok.

This is the switch on time rule
If DateTime Hour is equal to =17, set Valve Target to 24

This is the switch off time rule
If DateTime Hour is equal to =18, set Valve Target to 13

However, in the date time hour dropdown there is a selection of choices which I have not changed/altered and in the “minute” section there is 30 min showing all the time and I can’t get rid of it, that said, I have waited for the set times I have waited +30 mins and still the valve isn’t responding. But, I can alter the valve temperature if I do it manually via my PC.

I have looked at the log and can’t fathom whats happening there and I have tried to follow the Github instructions, but again, I can’t seem to get it working…

Just had a thought, would been in the UK, using British Summertime have any effect ?

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you might have.
PS, not sure what awake times I should be using, in this case they are set at the default 1800s

After setting up your simple rule it should look (somewhat) like this.

One (input) property value condition on the left, joined with a line, to an (output) property value on the right. If the line is missing, then something is not yet correctly setup.

If you want a very simple time based rule, then the clock will allow a specific time ( 5 15 pm). DateTime gives many more options.

Once you get a simple rule working, then you can start to add more conditions on the left. But first get a rule fully working with something like a light, where you can easily see the results.

Hi thanks very much for your suggestions Charles , yes a light is a really good idea and I have a few, so I’ll try that over the next few days. The question of the wake time, at the moment it’s set at 1800s. Does this mean if I set a time to test this I would have to set it to at least 30 mins from now?
Plus is this 1800secs acceptable for what I’m trying to achieve. How do you decide how many seconds is best for the job in hand.
Sorry for more questions Charles I’m just trying to get a better understanding of WT. And thanks again for your help.