How are you celebrating Mozilla's 20th Birthday?

On March 31st join us in celebrating 20 years of Mozilla! Yes, it’s almost Mozilla’s birthday and we couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve accomplished in the last 20 years together. We want to use this anniversary to bring our communities together to celebrate our years of collective work over the years to building a better internet.

Throwing a party? Baking a cake? Hosting a MozCoffee?

Tell everyone how you’re going to be reflecting and celebrating on Twitter with #MozillaTurns20 and here so that other people can be inspired by your great ideas.


We’re holding a MozCoffee in London on March 31st. I’ve been planning it for some time, just in case something was done by the wider org. I’ll be sure to add this birthday detail to event communications.

Anyone hoping to find something more official with March 31 stated, might find this history page useful.


Taipei, Taiwan

We will host weekly MozCafe on March 30, Friday night, from 0730pm to 2200pm. Welcome to join us to celebrate with a cake, some lightning talks and more.

Venue - Taipei Community Space, check for detail and for Google map direction.

Contact - Please join telegram “moztw-general” channel at for any inquiry, or join our task force for the event.

Update - here is the event page,

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I would add that notifying a global network inside a 2 week time frame, of an intended event and localization effort, is not really enough time for them to effectively prepare. I suspect somewhere in the region of 4-6 weeks is more appropriate?

is there a budget for supplies for cakes, drinks?

Hey @sw1ayfe @hellosct1 thank you for your questions! We realize this is a bit of a short time period, and that is partially because, in contrast to the launch of the New Firefox, this is a much more low-key, internal celebration, by Mozillians for Mozillians. We anticipated that people will take this opportunity to celebrate the history of Mozilla with Mozillians who are close to them (distance or relationship) through smaller, intimate celebrations that don’t need extensive planning or localization.

Even an act as simple as grabbing a virtual coffee or sending a message to a Mozillian you admire would be a great way to mark this moment!

As such there is no budget but if you’re planning a gathering you can use this OpenDesign invitation to invite people to your celebration.

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Pinging this back to the top!

P.S. at the London MozCoffee on Saturday we’ll be implementing a test in Matrix/Riot. If you’ve been wanting to give that a test, consider hopping on to our call. The Matrix channel is publicly listed and I will be publicly sharing that we are testing in a number of other social channels. We’ll be meeting 13:00-15:00 UTC (14:00-16:00 BST).

More information on this test can be found HERE.

As admin for that channel I will uphold the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines and will not hesitate in weilding this authority with a desire to empower our Mozillian community.

** And don’t forget to use the #MozillaTurns20 hashtag during this very special 20th anniversary period.

Sadly, I am unable to attend the London event, but I do plan on watching Code Rush again this weekend and also to use some Mozilla software. I know that (second item) sounds a bit trivial and many (if not all) of us do it every day, but I think it is something that the brave hackers who set out from Netscape with a bold vision would have wanted people to do.

And watching Code Rush just seems like the right thing to do.


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This saturday , we will launch Rust in Cameroon and we will continue by singing happy birthday to Mozilla with our Team and Enjoy with some drink and sandwich bread

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Happy Mozilla’s Birthday Everyone!!

For everyone who feels it’s not really a celebration until you add a Birthday gif…take, use, share. Mozilla%20GIF-downsized_large(1)