How can I create an "All lights off" rule?

I’d like to turn off all all ligths depending on certain rules. I am using a Philips Hue hub that makes available its configuration to the WT gateway.

I’ve added all the individual lights as Things but there is no “all lights off” virtual switch or feature. Other than adding each and every light to the rule, how can I have access to the “all lights off” feature ? How can I access or add the same for rooms / zones ? OpenHab would read rooms, zones and also give access to this, I just can’t seem to find how to do it in the WT gateway.

The gateway doesn’t yet scenes or rooms, though we do have open feature requests for both of those things. Beyond that, all you can do right now is set up a virtual switch (I’d suggest using the scene controller add-on) and add all devices to a rule.

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