How can I jump to a date in the message list insteat of scrolling? It seems like a basic feature - I've been looking for it in TBird for many years!

I’ve been using Thunderbird for many, many years. One thing I’ve always wanted was a “go to date” function to navigate within the message list. Scrolling is fine to go back a few hours, but not to go back days, weeks, or months.

I’ve even looked for add-ons for this - which really should be basic program functionality - but can’t find anything.

You can use Edit > Find > Search Messages.
Select the folder
Select Date from the drop-down list
Enter the date and click “Search”.

I know of no extension or other way.

Maybe you could find an answer or post your question on the official Thunderbird Support site.

I know about that, but it doesn’t put you in the list at that date to browse - it just returns individual emails to look at. If I want to scan around a particular date, this doesn’t help.