How could l change javascript context like chrome's console by firefox's console

l can use chrome’s console to change javascript context diretly by it’s button,so how can l do it on firfox?lf l can do it , where’s the button ?

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i do not think so but let me ask @jwhitlock if he know a way to do that

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thank you very much
i think it is importent because i am a new hand in javascript and firfox ,if firfox doesn’t have the method ,the only way for me is to use chrome

@wuchansoon you very welcome :slight_smile:

This page is a good introduction to the Firefox developer tools:

I get to them via the menu:

or by right-clicking and selecting “Inspect”:

i thought @wuchansoon mean to edit the js code not just debug it

or maybe i miss understand

ln chrome , i can change javascript context by use the button ‘‘top’’.

when i clicked it it will gave me a list to choose the javascript context.
But in firfox’s web console , i can’t find a button like this.
i just want to know of firfox gives us a method like the chrome’s button,and if it has ,how can i use it?
i have read the page and it doesn’t solve my question.@jwhitlock
thank you very much

Thanks for the additional information. I confirmed in the Chrome docs that this is called " Select JavaScript context":

I then searched for “firefox switch browser context”, and found this article which directly answers your question:

The UI may be different from the article. I wasn’t able to see the button unless I loaded settings, and then I saw it as a disabled button:

For me, the button was enabled on Gmail, and allowed me to pick between a dozen contexts.


Also, thanks to @sebastianz for the StackOverflow Answer!

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thanks for both for you @jwhitlock @wuchansoon

thanks to both of you @jwhitlock @justsomeone for the StackOverflow Answer!

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