How deal with listing vandalism?

A few weeks ago I published my add-on Mimi.
The very first day, a person(?) named Inou vandalized my listing
by giving Mimi a non-review with one star.
Inou hadn’t downloaded Mimi; he just dropped by to vandalize.
Inou didn’t write a review, so there’s no review to appeal.
So, how can I deal with this.
It’s important to me: a one-star add-on is not going to get many takers.

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Inou, hm, that looks like an Asian name. First of all, I would say it is someone with an interest.
Could be he thought only Asians make certain types of products and get liked for it.

It could also be meant as revenge. Though it is not I never heard of one that could apply here, it is not exactly known what interests or conflicts there are.
Not all go on television.

I was just looking into a subject that is related to it. If not part of it. At least by making a topic about it.

Apart from that, it could have also been someone just expressing his evil nature. I guess we’re lucky, just one on so many Firefox users. I don’t know if you ever watch this rekt type .webms. There are several cultures and they all differ. The addon website is a completely internationally open website.

Hi @David_Rose, I’m sorry to hear that. We can investigate the reviewer’s activity to monitor for retaliatory activity or spam reviews. If we determine that to be the case, we can take action on the account. However, we currently allow one-star reviews without text.

You might want trying some of these methods to promote your extension and get more positive reviews.

I get it that you allow reviews without text, but this “one-star review” was given without even downloading the add-on.
It appeared on the very first day Mimi was published, and there was only one download at that time: the download

I did in order to test that the download worked. A “review” of an add-on the reviewer never even downloaded hardly

seems reasonable, and surely doesn’t merit your approval. It’s pure obvious vandalism/