How to contact with server administrator (sysadmin)?

This is more my fault, as I didn’t initially understood, how login works. I used same username, then tried to add email. Somehow it didn’t work, possibly I did something wrong. Then suddenly I discovered, that I am already new user and cannot use same username, as it was taken. Actually it was myself, how took that username. It opened quickly new tab in web browser, that I didn’t notice as I was reading incoming email to click that authentication link.

Somehow even succeeded to add email to second username. Also used Element client with that second username.

Then closed that second username. Now wanted first username back, but cannot authenticate anymore, as it says, that this is closed and you need to take contact with sysadmin. Certainly I used same email for first and also second username.

Currently I see such image (at

But nowhere isn’t any contact of that server administrator (sysadmin). So I finally found current forum link and now posting here…
Besides, I am in one browser window still logged in with first username, even I cannot add email anymore… How to contact with the sysadmin and fix the issue (reactivate that email)? I would like to keep initial username with email I tried to associate.

:rofl: that’s old problem now, it occupy again. the new account won’t be able to login by SSO now. old account could still login without problem. i assure they have upgrade some ‘feature’ into online.

I understand, that old problem, but is server admin available? Is it possible reactivate my email? Then I should be able bind email with account.