How to display multi-line add-on discription for non published extension

Im creating a FF extension for private distribution (I dont want it listed on the FF extension site).

If I use “\r\n” in my manifest.json “description” I can create a multi line description that displays as expected when I click on the preferences for my extension. The problem is that on the Add-on summary page (where all the installed extension are listed) the description shows the first 40 or so characters of the description (all of line 1 and then as much as will fit of line 2). I want to only show line 1.

I see that with extensions that are published the first line can be short and displays in the summary list, then when the preferences are displayed the first line is displayed and additional lines are displayed.

Any way to do this?

I think the difference that you see is that, for published extensions, Firefox checks for updated metadata on AMO and replaces what comes from the manifest with the latest AMO data. That can lead to some differences in the way the data is presented.

One thing we’ll be working on earlier this year is to make this whole experience more consistent. I can’t say exactly how we’ll deal with new lines, but generally all add-ons should behave the same after we make these changes.

OK got it.
Thank you.