Updating "Description" in Developer Hub so it displays in the Add-on?

I have a (personal) Add-on installed on my Firefox browser. I want to update it so that the “Details” tab (in about:addons) for the extension displays some text.

I understand that this text is pulled from “Describe Add-on” section in the Developer Hub (addons.mozilla.org). I have updated the “Description” in that section.

How do I make this update display in the actual Add-on in my browser?

There doesn’t seem to be a way to “re-publish” the Add-on. Do I need to make a new version of the Add-on and upload the code again? This seems silly as the code has not changed – I am simply updating the “Description” on the Developer Hub. Hope this all makes sense. Thanks.

I believe if the extension is not published on addons.mozilla.org (as in, you chose self-distribution) the text is pulled from the manifest.json bundled with the extension.