[FIXED] Some tabs come back and never unbookmark

Ubuntu 16.04

I can’t replicate this, but it happened only with snoozed tabs.

Basically, the pages are bookmarked somewhere (though I can’t find them in the library) and the “Bookmark this page (Ctrl+D)” star does not work for them. New and old bookmarks are not affected.

There are about 10 pages in this state, from Wikipedia to news stories.

The problem persists after reinstalling and even without the addon!

UPDATE: The affected bookmarks do not sync to other devices. Other bookmarks do.

UPDATE 2: Removed places.sqlite* and the problem disappeared. It seems that it was corrupted.

This has happened many times since my last update. Deleting places.sqlite* helps but that’s very disrupting.

I’m convinced that Snooze Tabs is causing this. When I paused using it the problem stopped happening. Maybe constantly rebuilding the Snooze Tabs folder corrupts it?

I’ve found a better solution and maybe an explanation:

Locked or damaged places.sqlite:

If the Places database is locked or damaged, many Firefox functions will not work and the following symptoms may occur:

[…]Unable to delete, move, or edit certain bookmarks

Damaged Places database:

If the symptoms described earlier occur even when you first start Firefox after rebooting the computer, the Places database (places.sqlite file) may be damaged.


This addon fixed my problem for now. I’ll update this if (when?) it happens again.

Happened again. Add-on fixed it.

I might not be the only one, maybe I’m the only one that notices it?