How to retrieve add - ons from my previous account

Unfortunately, our account custodian lost his cell phone, so he lost the saved 2FA verification

we can’t find the backup authentication codes and don’t have a signed-in device.

we register a new Mozilla account through business email

Now we can’t manage our previous add-on, can we get back to our previous account or sync the add-on to the new one?


Hello @vinn, sorry to hear you are having issues.

Is your issue one of the use cases covered here?

Thanks – Ed

It just occurred to me that link I provided may be where you got your original info :slight_smile: - sorry if that’s the case.

First of all, Edward, thank you for your reply.Yes, This is where I obtained the original information. The original text mentioned, “You can however create a new account with a different email address to begin syncing again.” However, I couldn’t find the place for syncing, so I’m here to seek help. Thank you again in advance.

No worries, I have a question out to an internal team. Will post back here as soon as I hear back, thanks for your patience!

Can you please go here: If it asks you to login, just click the bottom link that says “I can’t sign into my account” and you will be given a support contact form. You may get an automated email but you can reply to it and one of our agents will respond and help you the rest of the way.

Also, please be sure to mention in the form that you are an extension developer.

Then, once you have submitted, if you want to send me your ticket number, I will pass along to team.

Thanks, I’ve submitted a ticket (155599)

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Following up here to see if the Support team was able to help you?

Hello, I have already added the link to the website as per the customer service’s instructions, and I am waiting for their reply. Thank you for your follow-up.

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Hi, I have completed the website markup and replied to the email as requested by customer service, I look forward to receiving a reply as soon as possible!

hello bro still no update
its been 2 weeks

they didn’t help me yet
please let me know if you can push it
its really important to our business.

Just followed up with the team. Apologies for the delay.