Lost my security code and can't log in into addons.mozilla

Hi, I know how stupid this is gonna sound but I’m locked out from my account.

I had the google authenticator on my old phone and used only once for addons.mozilla, now after 6 months the site is asking me for my verification / security code and I have none, I just installed google authenticator in my new phone and there is no account in there.

So I am locked out of my account even though my mail works and I remember my password (sigh).

What can I do?

I seriously fear to run into same problem some day. I would greatly have preferred an sms verification, but had to install an authenticator on my phone to have an account here (actually I was holding back creating the account for a long time, because of my concerns). I have ONLY ever used my authenticator for addons.mozilla, and I’m not sure I can remember the password for it. Yes I know it’s supposed to be more secure than sms verification, but if people can’t remember password for it, what is the point? My webbrowser helps me remember my passwords on www, but I have no help for the authenticator app. I think Mozilla should reconsider this practise.

That’s exactly why you get recovery codes when you set up two factor authentication for your Firefox Account. So you can still log in in case you lose your second factor. It also tells you to store those separately so you still have them when you lose access to your second factor.

Maybe I’m difficult. But I don’t take the recovery codes. because I have no idea where I should store them. I don’t know exactly how it works, but I’m thinking if I take the recovery codes, it is also expected I can find them again. So I have been thinking, maybe its better not to take them (If I was forced to get them, I have already forgotten what they are or where I am keeping them).

It’s there like a moderator I can talk to? There’s absolutely nothing I can do about this, is either me coming up with the 10 numbers of the security code out of nowhere or losing my account? that’s it?.

Hi @Enchufado,

sorry for the late reply. I have a couple of questions to understand your problem better. I’d hope this allows me to come back with a helpful answer.

Is this your scenario?

  • Open addons.mozilla.org
  • Login with your Firefox Account
  • Your Firefox Account has two-factor authentication enabled, so you need to input the number from your Authenticator application
  • You don’t have access to the phone with that Authentication application any longer, so you are stuck

Do you also use the Firefox Account in your Firefox browser for Sync? In other words, does this account show up on about:preferences#sync? If yes, you might be able to click manage account and turn off two-factor authentication.

Best regards,

Hi @hmitsch, yes the scenario is as you described it. And I’ve already tried that but I was logged out from all my devices, so when I went to about:preferences#sync in my cellphone and my other PC I couldn’t manage anything.

I really don’t care about the account in itself but I’m maintaining this extension: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/fixed-zoom/ and I can’t make any changes to it without logging in.

Hi @Enchufado,

this is a bad situation. I am checking in with the Firefox Accounts team to see if they have any suggestions.

Best regards,

Any updates?