How to set remember default zoom for the inbox messages? Tab messages?

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Thunderbird (TB)
  2. Using the Inbox, left click on any message
  3. The message is display on the same page at the bottom right area. But at 100% zoom
  4. Using the “View” > “Zoom” menu, change to zoom to anything to your liking. Let’s call this your Default Zoom.
  5. Close TB
  6. Open TB
  7. Using the Inbox, left click on any message
  8. The message, which you just set above to your Default Zoom, lost its configuration. It is back to 100%. This is the challenge.
  9. It is the same challenge with any Inbox message I open into a new tab
  10. The needed end result is that TB remembers a Default Zoom

I’m using TB 78. Linux Debian.

What I Tried That Partly Work

  • BrowseInTab TB Add On
    It claims to have many zoom features. Unfortunately, the version of this add-on for TB 78 is 2.8. Which has limited zoom features.
    It does remember the Default Zoom for the Inbox message view. Yay :slight_smile:
    But time I either open or re-open a message in a new tab, it looses the Default Zoom. Instead, it is display at 100%.

What I Tried That Did Not Work

  • Zoom Page WE FF Add-On
    This would be the best that I know of. As it would meet all my needs. But it is for Firefox. And my understanding is that the FF add-on are not compatible with TB. I was actually able to manually install Zoom Page WE for TB. But the add-on did not work.

  • Theme Font & Size Changer TB Add On
    Last support for this add was TB 65.x Not compatible with my TB 78.x.