I am soooo confused

I found this review https://www.ensmartech.com/reviews/the-best-wifi-dimmer-switch/

It says ( for me ) that there is a WiFi version of the Philips Hue remote.

Clicking the Amazon link and scrolling down tells me it the recommended product is Zigbee.

What should I belive, is there a WiFi version or not?

If so, where do I buy it?

I am desperately searching for a remote…

It seems like the author may have just mixed up some terminology. They seem to have used Wi-Fi instead of “wireless”, which would have been more accurate. As far as I know, Philips Hue is entirely Zigbee, except for their brand new bulbs (Bluetooth) and the Hub (Wi-Fi).

If you look at Gateway supported device list, headline Wi-Fi this device is mentioned,

It’s listed as “Wi-Fi” because it connects to the Hue Bridge, which the gateway then connects to via Wi-Fi.

The Zigbee adapter is separate from the Philips Hue adapter. You can use Philips Hue devices directly over Zigbee through the Zigbee add-on (you have to factory reset them and pair them with the Zigbee dongle), or you can connect them to the Hue Bridge and then use the Philips Hue add-on.