Wifi Smart Light Switch

hi, I got a few in-socket switches that according to specifications work with alexa and google assistant among others. It needs to be firstly added to Tuya smart App that as I can see in their web work with zigbee appliances. I’m using an Conbee II adapter and already made it work with other things (xiaomi’s presence detectors) but I’m unable to add these light switches to the gateway.

Any clue to see the proper method?

That switch module is Wi-Fi, not Zigbee. We currently don’t have an add-on that supports Tuya devices, but somebody opened an issue for it quite a while ago: https://github.com/mozilla-iot/gateway/issues/1557

Do you have any coding experience?

Thanks @mstegeman for pointing me there. Looks like the solution would be adding them to homebridge if I understood right?

You have three options at present:

  1. Develop a Tuya add-on (this would be fantastic)
  2. Wait for someone else to develop one
  3. Set up Homebridge, add your devices to that, and then add Homebridge to the gateway via the HomeKit add-on

Thanks. Yes I have some coding experience.

– Julián