Image picker successor

I don’t know if it’s the right place to ask this, but it’s out of desperation, There’s an old firefox add-on (from before the quantum days) I can’t just drop and use a lot on daliy basis, it’s one of the reasons I still stick to FF v56 and really surprised there’s not any sane successor/remake for it.

The addon in question is Image picker 1.9.5, a great addon that allows you to save many images from the current page or tabs, you can even choose to save images from the right to left tabs and Vice versa, And also to choose the locations the images are being saved while also being able to see folder save history for faster save.
It also had other stuff which made it’s use really comfortable and I’m really surprised that none of the addons I checked so far were even close to it (since from some old threads I saw that some other users acknowledge it as the best add-no for image saving), they all had missing features that made Image picker to really stand out of the rest.

There’s no any hope from the developer to update his plugin (he told me he don’t have time for that) and I’m really lost at what I can do, FF is my favoirte browser and I can’t stay on ver 56 forever so I’m looking for something similar but have no luck so far

I would’ve create one myself if someone could’ve teach me how, or give gold (just as matter of expression cause I dk if really legal to pay for addons xD) for someone to make it for me

Is there any addon that does simialr work which I’m not aware of?
Or anyone out there who can help me out?


Already tried this one, it’s far from being Image picker :confused: