Improvements of UI Interface for Firefox Mobile [Android]

I think it’s the good section so… Hello, i have some suggestions about the interface of Firefox 57 (and the prod-version too) which i think they could do a better user experience.

I’m not a UI developer but i think it’s too much repetitive there :

There are 4 buttons wicth they are already integrated in the interface. And who use this buttons actually ? If we remove that, we don’t need to scroll down to see all menu and we can directly head to our function that we want more fast and easy.

There, i think we can do the same think, if we removing this menu entirely and if we replace the button of this menu for the function “remove all tabs” it will more easy and fast, we don’t need to do some touch. I never use this menu exept if i want to close all tabs.

I think we can do the experience better for mobile users. Does it make sense for you?