Message for Madonna's Personas

Hey, too bad there isn’t a way to just send you a PM (lol @ discourse), but I love your themes and work, I do have a question about the “hamburger” menu background…is it supposed to be a white background on all of your themes? I’m using Northern Lake FT btw…fantastic! Since the latest update, all menu’s (right click or otherwise) appear with a dark background except for the hamburger menu is now a bright white, Dark appearance is selected under settings-> general.

I am sorry this has happened, but I had nothing to do with it. I have gotten so many email complaints about this. I am hoping Mozilla will do something about this but I can’t. I only have so much power! I don’t like the white drop downs, either and have posted on here about it. Let’s hope they make a choice in settings that we can either make it dark or light. That would give us all a little control.

Are you using Mac or Windows? Apparently that might make a difference. I use Windows and mine is working just fine now. Dark on dark themes and light on light themes.