Installing dictionary file in profile/extensions folder does not work on v66


I’m testing an extension of mine with Thunderbird 66 (current beta) and I can’t install the Spanish dictionary as I did before:

  1. Copy the dictionary file (webextension in this case) to my temporay profile folder, inside the extensions folder)
  2. Start TB in that profile
  3. Enable the extension via the popup that appears on start.

Expected behaviour: language spellchecker for the new language is correctly installed.

Current behaviour: the new language do not appear when composing and switching the language.

The dictionary installed is this:

Is this supposed to happen?

Works fine here. I’m not sure about your installation procedure. Try this: drag the link you provided for the xpi file and drop it onto Tools/Add-ons/Dictionaries in TB.

Are you using Thurndebird beta 66 ?

If I install the extension “by hand” using the mouse it works. What happens is that I want to install the extension by an automated script.

Not sure if this is the right place to report this…

Yes, I tried it on the beta. Don’t know why your method doesn’t work anymore, but if you’re trying to install it for multiple users, it may be easier to install once in an empty profile and then automate the installation of the profile.

This might do the trick, yes. Thank you!!