Interviewing Users for Mozilla - Secondary Research

As part of week one you can share your research and the answers to these questions here, or link another source.

  1. How did you organize your work?
  2. Where did you search? And what techniques did you use ?
  3. Do you see any subtopics emerging as a result of your research?
  4. What did you learn about “Large Screens” that you didn’t know before?
  5. What was your overall experience conducting this research? Was it fun? Challenging? Rewarding? Frustrating?

See you on Thursday!


Here is my blog for the week1 research:

Have a look look, Popcorn Make :

  1. As Maker Party season is coming, my plan was to make a presentation using the Webmaker tool.
  2. Internet… it has all the information you need… so i used INTERNET!! , i used duckduckgo, google and also found some interesting videos on Youtube!!
  3. Yup!! like the upcoming large screens or the different types of large screens available in market!!
  4. I learned a lot… like what exactly large screen means,different types of Large screens, advantage and disadvantage of each type.
  5. The experience was AweSome!!! Learned a lot and yup the research activity was challenging and also rewarding as i learned a lot!!

Here is my blog post for the Week1 Research :