Is it possible to download an add-on source code to edit and modify for personal use?

(Sputnik) #1

I would like to hire a developer to make some tweaks here and there and was wondering if it is possible and how I would go about doing so.

(erosman) #2
  • It is possible to download an add-on to the computer without installing
  • Subject to copyright issues, the code can be edited
  • In order to reinstall on release Firefox version, add-ons must be signed
  • Unsigned add-ons can be loaded on Nightly, Dev, or Unbranded Firefox

(Sputnik) #3

Thank you for replying.

You said its possible to download.

Where on the addon page is the download for the code or to edit code?

(Eric Jung) #4

Easiest way is to install the addon then open you Firefox profile and get the source from there.

(erosman) #5

You can not edit the code on Mozilla site.

Right click on the download button, Save link as … then it will download